Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint...At this point, it's a love LOVE thing..

Back in September I wrote about the new paint I had been using. It's an English Paint called Annie Sloan (real person) Chalk Paint.
It is the hot paint right now, and I wanted to try something different. I was getting bored with Linen White everywhere.
I read a ton of stuff that was on the web about the paint. But in a fashion true to who I am I dove right in and painted a piece.The paint goes on easily and is very well....chalky. So far so good. NOW the sealer. A wax with a very creamy type consistency, unlike anything that I had used before. I prefer the "aged look so I went right ahead and covered the piece with dark wax (YIKES) thinking I could just rub it off as I do with my glazes.
WRONG without getting into details....It was a gunky mess! and impossible to make better. So I tested that paint out (it says you can paint over anything. So I painted right over it!
Well....after about 3 to 4 tries the piece was covered with layers of
And I was still  far from skilled at using this new product.
So I read some more.....
AH have to put clear wax on FIRST then use the dark wax.
At this point I am hardly an expert however I am inspired by all the other furniture refinishers who use this paint. Soooo I have leaped outside the box (so long Linen White) and have gone color crazy!
I am having a blast and if you check out my facebook page you see all of the pieces.
I am layering colors and mixing odd combinations. I'm loving it!
My goal is to have the back room of my shop not so much of a furniture storage but more of a second display area of finished pieces so I can have a nice combination of BM Linen White (and Aqua and that fab Red I do) and more chalk painted pieces showcasing all of my techniques that I have developed over the last 2 years.

I hope you will pop in and check it all out....or maybe drop in on Tuesday afternoons when I have my open furniture painting class.
I'll be teaching my Benjamin Moore techniques for the month of March.

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