Monday, February 8, 2016

Upper East Side Redo. The livingroom (Part one)

 Over the years many people have suggested I get into interior design.
I'm not sure why I never went to school for it.......

I'm redoing the apt in NYC.
No major construction for now.
But happily a complete redo.

What I absolutely love about todays home design is the ease with which different styles blend together.
In other words....when done right, everything goes.

When I start decorating a space I always start with
How I want the space to feel, to me.
I add to that the location of the space, size and "style" of the actual building.

So despite it being the UES....(sterile by NYC standards if you ask me)
The building, built in 1912 has great history, great architecture and oozes character.
(I secretly would love to expose the brick walls in the future)

 Maximizing space, and blending in some oldish character.
(and sprinkle in a little of my rusty crusty loveee)
 Urban Modern mix.
Odd for me in the sense that while I've been selling modern for years now, I've never felt compelled to add it into my personal space.

I usually pick a wall color first.
I flip through my Ben Moore paint deck and see what strikes me.
But this time with the size constraints of the rooms, the first piece I picked up was a rockin cool chippy bench.
It's the perfect size for the coffee table.
(courtesy of Mike and Cass at Wednesdays Pickup, Bushwick)
It's Orange.
I know, right...... crazy.
Or at least crazy for me.
It's in, that's true, but I've never been a fan.
However this piece is absolute perfection.

Since above was the start, I raced over to see Matt and Polina and snagged two Urban images.
( I traded a '63 pin up calendar that Matt has been coveting for a while)
Matt takes polaroids and rubs the negatives on watercolor paper, unblievably cool.....
The Cyclone and a NYC taxi my Orange tie in... (wink)

The couch was next.
Again space constraints with the layout we (read I) decided on a larger sized love seat that will fit just right.
(and leave less room for the dogs, cause I secretly hate them on the couch)
Clean modern lines and durable fabric.
(one of the two brandy new items in the whole apt)

The media cabinet was tough for me......
I have a decent budget, but the handmade; reclaimed ones were just too pricey.
I could have easily found a 60s modern credenza well within my budget, but I did not want toooo much modern.
So I settled (yes, settled) for a new cabinet from a big box store.
I'm not in love. And I do know better
 I should have sprung for something handmade.
Oh will do for now.

The ceiling light fixture
I'm slightly obsessed with it.
I can't stop staring at it.
(its not even hung yet, hehe)
Handmade by Paul Pissanelli @ New York Vintage Lighting
(he's crazy good!, and just has a really nice mention in New York magazine.)…/sl…/2016/02/03/prospect_heightstownhouse/

At this point I've already picked out a very cool chair, and side table.
 I'll likely pull a few objects from inventory.
And, i'm in talks with a repurpose woodworker for a custom desk.
(more will be revealed)

........and wall color............still up in the air.
The clock is ticking, the couch arrives mid March.

(pics in Part two)