Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Happy New Year!!! (aka "it's personal")

Since moving into Manhattan (who woulda thought) I find myself wanting to do all the quintessential things tourists do.
Go ahead and laugh....

I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge.
We went to BBKings.
We went to the theatre. (Book of Mormon....hilarious)
Watched the NYC marathon, and the balloons being blown up Thanksgiving.
We saw The Tree and The Windows on 5th Ave.

Then next thing I knew it was New Year's Eve.

I don't go out on New Years Eve.
I mean dinner yes, after

If you follow my blog (seriously not many do, but that's cool)
you know I speak my mind.

So here it is......
I don't go out, because it's amateur night. 

Anyone and everyone is out doing one thing.....
And then.... wellll thennnnn they do other things.
(like announce on TV that they are wearing a diaper so its okayyy when they tinkle on themselves)
ummm ew. I wish I was making that one up, but half the world will back me on it.

But January first is the day of reflection.
(and official take down Christmas Tree day)
So I think about the past year, where I was.
And where I now am.

And I smile.
I wish I could say...I won the lottery.
And I have no more financial worries.
(sadly, not the case)
All is well.
It was for the most part a drama free year.
Filled with new ventures.....
and alotta laughing.

I've abandoned any notion of holding a McJob.
(those of you who are close know that it literally sucked the life out of me, I tried, I did. It is simply N.O.T for me)
And thrown myself full force into my biz.
I've spent the year plotting and planning.
Maintaining my presence in NYC, Brooklyn etc is critical.
and adding in other cool urban areas.
So as I expand ever so slowly....
My mantra is "slow and steady wins the race".
I'm getting there.
And every day it's about my vision, my decision, my biz.
I'm for the first time.....totally committed to an "end game".
(not just getting by day in and day out as I did when I arrived on the scene in Boonton)

The Girl......( despite extended moments of extreme maturity) is still a 20 something.
I remember, at least I try to....when she challenges my patience with her irresponsibility.
She'll get there. I know it.
I've caught glimpses.
(and i'm her mom, and i've always got her back)
I'm still cracking up about Christmas day when she was dancing down Park Ave with us in tow, acting completely silly doing numerous dance routines from her days in Company.

Flynn is fabulous.
He love loves having a brother.
Someone to hang with when we are not home.

And I'm redecorating the apt.
(blog posts coming soon)

So I reflect, and look forward to all that is coming.....
(sheesh it took me a whole month to write all this now, are you still awake?)

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

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