Friday, March 8, 2013

What's Next?

I wish I knew.

Sadly, I do not. 
My crystal ball broke as I was loading all of my shop inventory into my storage unit.

BUT....I do know this.....
The decision to close SHV in Boonton was the right one.
Yes, I will miss all of my fabulous customers/friends but it is already apparent that Boonton was not the right location for my business.
And so a huge thanks to Gary and my former landlord for making decisions that caused that huge "flashing neon sign" to swing down and hit me in the head.
That said, quite simply, It's time to move on.
And so I have. And I wont turn back.
Gratefully, I have found freelance work, doing....well, doing exactly what I have always done.
Refinish furniture.
And it's really fun.

I do know, I WILL be opening a new retail space eventually. I have not decided where. I learned a lot from my 3 years in Boonton. And I am confident that the next step in the evolution and expansion of SHV will be bigger, better and more of what you love about SHV.

For now, I will be focussing on my freelance work, selling my work in other shops (if you have a shop and would like to carry some of my pieces please contact me) doing high end flea markets, selling online and trying to find studio space to create create create.

So apparently I do know after all.

I believe nothing is by chance and that "thoughts become things"
So while I am busy busy creating and focussing all my energy on the next fabulous step, I hope you will follow my adventures.

I (still) heart Boonton