Saturday, May 25, 2013

Refinishing in Ombre....OHHHH AHHHH

Well I think by now you know that I am closer to the front of the pack when it comes to style trends in my work.
It's funny, isn't it.
I mean to apply style trends to furniture refinishing.
But we do, and I absolutely love love that anything goes.
Bold colors that I would have never thought go together, do, and create such fabulously refreshing statements in home decor.

In talking to me, you know that I have always focussed on furniture from the 20s thru the 40s in my work. Im obsessed with the styles and lines. And quite honestly in the beginning it was the type of furniture that was most easily available and "not in the best shape".
(what better pieces to repurpose and "make new")

  I have all out avoided the pieces of the 50s. French Provincial style was just "not for me".
But like anything...i'm open to change (thank goodness) and so I've made peace with this era and have decided to add (and lets face it expand and deconstruct) the "look" to my inventory.
So as quickly as I can acquire it, my inventory will include Provincial and Regency styles.
You ARRRE ready for it aren't you?

Lately I have been toying around with the whole "ombre" concept.
Just dying to get my hands on "just the right piece" to dive right in (is there any other way to create)
and try applying this idea, this trend, to a piece of furniture.
Well I found her.

Not surprisingly, a pretty solid French Provincial piece I found a few weeks ago.
I just hauled her into the shop.
She is very sturdy and I am really itching to get to work.
Today is the day.

(well actually I started this blog over two weeks ago in an effort to write more often...psssht)

Here is her before:

Being slightly obsessed with the three newest concepts in my "paint stash"
 (chalk paint, Grey chalk paint, and how well chalk paint custom mixes)
I jumped right in and started painting.
I will mention that when I purchased this piece I knew INSTANTLY how I wanted to refinish it.
And when this happens.......I love them best!
So woo did take me longer than expected but within three days this beauty was finished.
(Just in time to be rained on at the Brooklyn Flea)
I do wax every piece, so as I happily loaded my pieces into the van, undamaged, because I simply wiped off the rain periodically.

I chose Old White for the cabinet and graded the drawers down by deepening the color with Grey
(cant give you my formula because.....I dont have one, I made it up as I went along)
But I will say, if you are trying this and do it "my way" SAVE some extra paint.....jusssst in case.
I actually fill little mason jars and give it to my customers with their new piece.

So here she is after being styled (by me) at The Barn

I did sell this piece at The Brooklyn Flea to an adorable couple who live in NYC
Bernadette, if you are reading this .....ENJOY! I hope you love your piece.

Suffice it to say that my infatuation lies not only with Ombre, but with this piece. The highest praise I personally can award myself and my work is "I could keep this one". And man oh man this was a keeper.
I wanted to put her in my bedroom right next to The Countess.

 Since I closed 906Main I've been trying to find some kind of serenity in the constant change that the freedom of NOT having to be in my shop every day provides.
My mind is less focussed on the stress of maintaining SHV at 906 and more focussed on doing the next "new trend". Its been really really fun.

So watch for new blogs coming soon........
think metallics and modern.......
I just can't wait!

(who's got it better than me?!)