Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I"m Dreaming of a White (and Red) Window and Party!

It's odd. I'm excited.
NOT that I am a bah humbug..not even close but for the past 7 years or so the Holidays have been...let's just say... a leetle bit underwhelming.

I have been really trying this year to be stocked and ready for holiday shopping.
I've been slowly cleaning out "the design studio" and I can actually find things to create with now.
It's been a while since I have thrown myself into creating (see first paragraph)
and I have been working on creating one of a kind Christmas ornaments and will showcase them in my Holiday Window.
UPDATE....I purchased some handmade $^&*#@s from another Etsy seller who sadly did not complete them and ship them in time for me to use them to decorate my window..(shame on you Megan)
so I have had to recreate the window (argh the pressure)...thus the ornaments are in the shop on an inside tree NOT in my window display :0(

BUT I am still up for this....

I have nervously accepted the challenge of entering my shop window in the annual "Boonton Window Walk".
If your window is chosen, you get a very nice ribbon.
On First Friday in December (the 2nd) our windows will be revealed to everyone and you can fill out a ballot in any shop.
Customers and "window walkers" get to vote on which window they like best.
The winner will be pulled on December 11th.
Now I know I am not going to win, but it gives me a reason to put forth some effort into my window.
(I'm excited but scared)
The truth is....this is only the second Christmas I have EVER had a window to display in...so it isn't my strong suit.
 (Im kinda bad....read reaaaallly bad... at it)
I want to stick with the theme of my shop so everything in the display will be:
One of a Kind Hand Painted Furniture, Recycled, Repurposed, Hand Made or Vintage.
Without giving it away I will say there will be....
Lots of White.....and Red. My all time favorite, tried and true, never get sick of color combo for Christmas.
I will post pics after the big "reveal"....
(OMG I hope I can actually pull it together,what I see in my mind does not always come together)

In honor of the holidays this "First Friday"and the big reveal I will be serving tons of "Holiday Cheer".
Nooo Noo everyoneeee despite the hit last month my chocolate martinis won't be doing a repeat performance. Think eggnog and spiced cider and holiday punch. And fooood food. NOT just dessert.
I havent decided what I will make yet
(I am still focused on my window display)

I hope you can make it.
BUT if you can't December 9th THE Domestic Goddess herself will be hosting
"White Night" at Savannah Hope Vintage
late night shopping from 6-8
we will again have Holiday Cheer (yay) ....Champagne, and all white food.
We will be doing a White Elephant so wrap up a (nice or funny) regift. YOU know you have a special closet for these things.... we all do....so go dig in and pull one out. wrap it up and bring it.
It'll be fun....I promise.

The Big Reveal......

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Recycle Repurpose Reuse....old door knobs

I'll start by saying "wish I had a fiver for every time a person walked into my shop with their friend and announced..."Oh, I can do that" or "oh YOU can make that Lillian...it's so easy"
Yep, I kid you not....."they" say it OUT LOUD in my retail shop.
Now I never ever stake claim to ANY of my creations....lets face it the truth is...nothing is ever "New". My things are made from objects on hand (trust me I have a HUGE stash of stuff that will have a use someday). I have difficulty throwing things away...and many a time I have been called out by friends when I am about to toss something in the trash and I give it the "second look over" to think "can I reuse this in some way".
BUT seriously, out loud in my shop......STOP.
one word R E S P E C T.
I work very very hard to make enough (not there yet but soon) to take take care of us. It's really hard.
So trust me ladies and I say this with L O V E 
I knoooooo you can make it (cause I did) but this is my business so please take those comments outside. Talk amongst yourselves when I can't actually hear it. And please pleaseee create....copy, make...I don't care...in fact I am super happy if I inspire you. Just don't insult me for trying to do what you are not yet doing....
(Please see last post for tirade disclaimer)
Soooo I needed a coat hook for my entranceway in this old Victorian I live in. 
(one day Ill post some pics cause if I ever get to finishing decorating it will be pretty cool.)
And I thought....hummmm old door knobs (check) crusty shabby switch plates (check) and secret ingredient (epoxy shhhh) ...and waah laaa

(yep thats my winter coat still hung from the huge snowstorm on Halloween week end)

cute huh....and I made some for the shop...you can see them here:

Create. Inspire. Joy

Sunday, November 6, 2011

For All The Girls.....at "Girls Night Out"

Hey Ladies... I hope by now you have at least begun to breeze through my blog. 
I know, I am long winded, get off topic easily and somehow make stories seem like reading from the dictionary.
I wasn't always like this. Over the past 10 years two things happened that made me this way.
1. My daughter began to think for herself. (when I say she will negotiate annnnything...I am not exagerating. You have no idea how exhausting it is)
2. I was in a relationship with an attorney.
I will say no more. But trust that I am trying to undue the years of listening to lonnnnng drawn out (read BORING, eyes glazing over snorefest) conversations with the attorney, and pare it all down to the point being made in as few sentences as possible. But for now, please humor me and try to speed read to the good parts.
This past Friday was yet another "First Friday" in Boonton.
Our theme was "Girls Night Out".
I decided to roll with the girlie thing and serve choco latte all night long.
Good move, verrry good.Chocolate Martinis, cupcakes, marshmallows(yep made em myself) and Mr Mustache pops. HUGE HIT!

I am also fortunate enough to call The Domestic Goddess Tiffany Palisi my friend and she just so happened to be launching a new product. She agreed to allow me to carry her line, and come to my shop First Friday to launch.
Holy Good Night! Am I lucky or what??
I have to say I was prepared this time. I moved the furniture around a bit created more space and crossed my fingers hoping and hoping people would come. I needed a good showing for my friend.
(aaaand her amazing candles)
(event window display)

Well YOU ALL came!
What a night! I can't speak for every shop owner but there were people in my shop all night looong!
I met some really cool people, and I had a great time!
Thank You ALL.....thank you for showing up and supporting "The Little Town That Could"!!!
 NOW, RIGHT NOW....mark your calendars for First Friday next month December 2nd.......
You will not be disappointed!