Sunday, November 6, 2011

For All The "Girls Night Out"

Hey Ladies... I hope by now you have at least begun to breeze through my blog. 
I know, I am long winded, get off topic easily and somehow make stories seem like reading from the dictionary.
I wasn't always like this. Over the past 10 years two things happened that made me this way.
1. My daughter began to think for herself. (when I say she will negotiate annnnything...I am not exagerating. You have no idea how exhausting it is)
2. I was in a relationship with an attorney.
I will say no more. But trust that I am trying to undue the years of listening to lonnnnng drawn out (read BORING, eyes glazing over snorefest) conversations with the attorney, and pare it all down to the point being made in as few sentences as possible. But for now, please humor me and try to speed read to the good parts.
This past Friday was yet another "First Friday" in Boonton.
Our theme was "Girls Night Out".
I decided to roll with the girlie thing and serve choco latte all night long.
Good move, verrry good.Chocolate Martinis, cupcakes, marshmallows(yep made em myself) and Mr Mustache pops. HUGE HIT!

I am also fortunate enough to call The Domestic Goddess Tiffany Palisi my friend and she just so happened to be launching a new product. She agreed to allow me to carry her line, and come to my shop First Friday to launch.
Holy Good Night! Am I lucky or what??
I have to say I was prepared this time. I moved the furniture around a bit created more space and crossed my fingers hoping and hoping people would come. I needed a good showing for my friend.
(aaaand her amazing candles)
(event window display)

Well YOU ALL came!
What a night! I can't speak for every shop owner but there were people in my shop all night looong!
I met some really cool people, and I had a great time!
Thank You ALL.....thank you for showing up and supporting "The Little Town That Could"!!!
 NOW, RIGHT NOW....mark your calendars for First Friday next month December 2nd.......
You will not be disappointed!


  1. First Friday RULES! And so do you, Goddess of all things repurposed, recycled, and vintage! I LOVE you, Andrea. We had the best night, thanks to you. And while I did have to walk up the hill to my car, barefoot, because I took my damn shoes off and couldn't get them back on, it was SUCH a party. Everyone had a great time. I have equipment being shipped to my house so that I will be able to make you candles 'round the clock! THANK YOU for making all that yummy stuff and for hosting this amazing event. YOU ARE A GODDESS AMONGST GODDESSES!

  2. A HUGE thank you to you DG, without you and your positive energy (and overall fabulousness) I could not have made such a great party. And thank you for inspiring me, to write this blog and let the world know me and my little shop. xo