Thursday, October 27, 2011

Red Hot Furniture....

I spend many mannnny hours painting furniture. My signature color is Benjamin Moore Linen White. Everyone loves it, as do I. 
But I want to expand. I want to offer more choices for everyone. More styles of furniture, and different looks.....and COLOR!
Occasionally, when I find the right piece I do it in Aqua. It's always a hit and finds a good home as does my Fresh Butter Yellow.
Every time I am at my Benjamin Moore paint store I sift through the paint chips to find just the right new color, so often, that I need to find a way to recycle them (bookmarks maybe?). Fear and what ifs prevent me from venturing forth and buying THE color I love in that moment.....
"if it's not broken don't fix it right?"
 I need to break out of this safe place I have created for myself and my customers.
One day I was feeling kind of well, spicy.... and hit upon a color.
The perfect Red.
I took a chance and did a cute desk Dean had just found for me.
A few coats of paint, heavy heavy distress and my custom glaze.
I adored this desk. I looked at it constantly through the day, each day....until...
The oh so fabulous Domestic Goddess just happened in (a week after the desk was finished) and snatched it up.

I'm happy it has a great home, but I do miss it. (still)
I searched for "just the right piece" to do in the same color.
And then found this....
Same color, less distress a bit more refined with an Asian feel. It's in my shop window..check it out!
NOW.... I just brought in yet another piece that I am feeling Red's an old washstand with lots and lots of spindles (verrrry difficult) and it's just the right kind of piece that would great in a bathroom. In Heathers (from PRV, wink) farmhouse perhaps?
But is Distressed Red too bold for a bathroom?
Yesterday I finished it, all it needs is a coat of wax.
What do you think??

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