Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I"m Dreaming of a White (and Red) Window and Party!

It's odd. I'm excited.
NOT that I am a bah humbug..not even close but for the past 7 years or so the Holidays have been...let's just say... a leetle bit underwhelming.

I have been really trying this year to be stocked and ready for holiday shopping.
I've been slowly cleaning out "the design studio" and I can actually find things to create with now.
It's been a while since I have thrown myself into creating (see first paragraph)
and I have been working on creating one of a kind Christmas ornaments and will showcase them in my Holiday Window.
UPDATE....I purchased some handmade $^&*#@s from another Etsy seller who sadly did not complete them and ship them in time for me to use them to decorate my window..(shame on you Megan)
so I have had to recreate the window (argh the pressure)...thus the ornaments are in the shop on an inside tree NOT in my window display :0(

BUT I am still up for this....

I have nervously accepted the challenge of entering my shop window in the annual "Boonton Window Walk".
If your window is chosen, you get a very nice ribbon.
On First Friday in December (the 2nd) our windows will be revealed to everyone and you can fill out a ballot in any shop.
Customers and "window walkers" get to vote on which window they like best.
The winner will be pulled on December 11th.
Now I know I am not going to win, but it gives me a reason to put forth some effort into my window.
(I'm excited but scared)
The truth is....this is only the second Christmas I have EVER had a window to display in...so it isn't my strong suit.
 (Im kinda bad....read reaaaallly bad... at it)
I want to stick with the theme of my shop so everything in the display will be:
One of a Kind Hand Painted Furniture, Recycled, Repurposed, Hand Made or Vintage.
Without giving it away I will say there will be....
Lots of White.....and Red. My all time favorite, tried and true, never get sick of color combo for Christmas.
I will post pics after the big "reveal"....
(OMG I hope I can actually pull it together,what I see in my mind does not always come together)

In honor of the holidays this "First Friday"and the big reveal I will be serving tons of "Holiday Cheer".
Nooo Noo everyoneeee despite the hit last month my chocolate martinis won't be doing a repeat performance. Think eggnog and spiced cider and holiday punch. And fooood food. NOT just dessert.
I havent decided what I will make yet
(I am still focused on my window display)

I hope you can make it.
BUT if you can't December 9th THE Domestic Goddess herself will be hosting
"White Night" at Savannah Hope Vintage
late night shopping from 6-8
we will again have Holiday Cheer (yay) ....Champagne, and all white food.
We will be doing a White Elephant so wrap up a (nice or funny) regift. YOU know you have a special closet for these things.... we all do....so go dig in and pull one out. wrap it up and bring it.
It'll be fun....I promise.

The Big Reveal......

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  1. We all read and love your blog. Now, don't think you won't win. You have amazing talent; your window could win every single day!

    I love those ornaments and am going to hang them in my kitchen all year long. Feel free to use the one that I want in the window display. Like I said, it's going to be a year long ornament for me. My tree just isn't that swanky.

    We have the kids first Friday but will try to come, at least to vote! And obvi, I will be there for White Night.

    Everything looks amazing. You are doing a fabulous job!