Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Why Keep The "Vintage" in Savannah Hope Vintage

The truth is I could not make a living selling Antique/Vintage.
I tried.
So slowly, without real thought my little shop has evolved into a place where vintage, one of a kind and handmade items coexist.
I have been a collector of American China, Pottery and Glass since the early 80s. And at times have had some collections with well over 50 or 60 pieces. There was a time when "the hunt" was filled with excitement and anticipation. I hit garage; tag and estate sales every week end hoping to find a rare piece or needed addition to my sets.
Over the years I have learned a lot about American dinner wares and while most of my collections have been sold I still have a soft spot for the likes of Stangl and Blue Ridge, Cambridge and Heisey, Weller and Fulper.
These days the excitement comes not from "the hunt" but from taking some of these things that I have already aquired (that in todays market have little to no value) and repurposing them creating something new and usable.
And so with the evolution of my business over the last year I have often thought about dropping the "Vintage" from Savannah Hope Vintage. My business entity is Savannah Hope LLC so any "tag" word after that is just that...a tag word.

I would love to support more and more artisans who like myself feel a real need to recycle, reuse and reinvent that which has already been created and "consumed" in an effort to reduce waste.
But these days business has been slow....and while I hear many positive comments from wonderful creative people.......I just can't seem to reach the point of making enough to support Savannah and I.
I'm not giving up, I promise. BUT right now in an effort to continue to offer NEW things to all of my customers I have decided to bring in more vintage.

I am "Destashing" my vintage pottery, china and glass and linens.
Expect to see items not only repurposed but bunched and tagged so hopefully you will follow my and my artists lead and create and repurpose....or enjoy them in the original form.

So while I have contemplated dropping the "Vintage" for now it will remain.

Stop in to see and feel the changes that are happening and support my business.....not necessarily for me but to foster and sustain the truth that in an effort to save our planet we must consider our deliberations and our impact.

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  1. Love it. I want to take your painting classes. Saturdays, right? I repaint furniture, but BADLY. I cannot imagine doing what you do. You amaze me.