Monday, April 2, 2012

Honoring Earth Day this First Friday

Earth day was founded in 1970. The same year Jimi Hendrix died and the last Beatles Album.
It quietly stepped onto the scene as war raged in Vietnam.
Vietnam, they call it the war that should have never happened. It killed many men within 10 years of my age and destroyed the lives of most who returned. I know a few guys who made it home. They never ever speak about it. Not ever.

Being a kid I was insulated from the war and protest. When I reflect back I don't really focus on much more than my cat Puffy, purple polyester bellbottoms
(ohhh my favorite) minibikes, football with the boys, "Free to Be You and Me" and a few commercials that left an impact.
One of these commercials was the "Don't Litter" commercial.
If you were alive back then I am sure you remember the Indian with the tear in his eye as he looked at his land, our land, with litter being thrown around.
Two words flashed at the bottom of the TV screen.....Don't Litter.
That commercial has always left an impact on me.

I grew up with a "pseudo hippie" mom who adapted to the changing times as best she could. Being divorced and a mother of 3 back then was not an easy thing.
I learned many life lessons back then. I became "color blind" at a very early age and learned that in order to grow we all must adapt, and yet change and be concerned citizens.

Life happens to us all but it seems I have carried into adulthood all of the life lessons I learned about equality and respect for people and our world back then as a child of the 60s and 70s.
Thank Goodness, because it seems racism is still alive as well as living in a "throw away" world.

Many people come into SHV and state "Wow it must be great to live your dream". SHV is not my dream...It's merely an extension of who I am.

And so April's "Theme" for First Friday is very important to me. More so than most.
While all of Main Street gets ready for the huge "ART WALKS" and restaurant weeks....I will be focusing on  helping you to see how we can make our planet a safer, healthier place.

Stop in this Friday, First Friday from 4-9. I will have samples of eco friendly laundry detergent
(yes it is safe for HE machines)
Along with a recipe to make it yourself. I will also be raffling off a basket of earth friendly products.

And so as Earth Day quietly stepped onto the scene back in 1970 I will honor Earth Day April 22, 2012 quietly, and hopefully lead by example and show you that small changes make big impacts on our world.