Sunday, September 25, 2011

If Martha Says It's Hot......Is It (Really) Hot?

The truth is I still love Martha. Well maybe not looooveee...
 (I heard she is not very nice, and there is the whole lying thing) but I do respect her.

She built a HUGE company doing what I love to do. She succeeded.
 She made money doing what she loved.
(then she got so big she hired people to do the work but thats not what MY blog is about, my blog is about me and my little shop.....)

When Savannah was a baby she did everything before she was supposed to. She walked before 9 months....and barely spoke until she spoke sentences. It was funny, actually. Almost like she needed to sort it all out and get it right the first time.
She was not yet 3. I watched Martha at noon many days. One day we were in the grocery store and she announced "look mommy it's Martha Stewart" as she pointed to her Living magazine. I probably still have that magazine.

I read her magazine from cover to cover for many years. "Good Things" and the collecting article were always my favorites. I liked the cute ideas that were quick and well, different. (I still use some today) And the collecting ohhh ahhh....well one day when you are over I will show you my dishes. Now... I HAVE paired down quite a bit but I can say with a fair amount of certainty that I do own at least 9 sets of dishes. I do have other collections too, perhaps one day I will give my readers a peek.

And so, As a pottery, china and glass collector (and dealer) for the past...sheesh I don't know I started in about 1985...almost 30 years I still follow the trends.

one simple word....
More specifically Anchor Hocking Fire King Jade-ite. Jadite is how it is more commonly known.
AHHHH Jadite.

Martha did a spread many years ago.Before and since I have bought and sold many pieces. And last month she did another article. 
So is it (really) hot? 
Yes, yes and yes. More so than I think in a lonnnnnggg time. 
So today I share with you my new display of Fire King Jade-ite. Most can be purchased during my regular business hours.

Jadite was first produced in the 30s by McKee Glass. Jeanette Glass was first to CALL it "Jadite" But Anchor Hocking produced the most Jade-ite (the most popular Fire King Line), and production went from the 40s into the 70s.
Fire King Jade-ite comes in many patterns. By far the most collectible today are the Charm pattern and restaurant wear. Charm is mostly unmarked (there were never any fakes produced to my knowledge) and recognizable by the square pattern. Restaurant wear is almost always marked and is very thick and heavy
There are some rare sets and other pieces that command very high prices.
Check out Living magazine last month for the spread.You will see a few pieces like the ones in the mag, in my shop. And rumor has it that the fabulous lady chef with southern twang also has collection.
As for me, the truth is Jade-ite has never been my favorite, so no collection for me.
 (But.. I have eaten many a meal on Jade-ite  as I amassed a set for Dean, and he just loves it!)


  1. I love Jade-ite. It's so beautiful. When I first read Anchor Hocking Fire King Jade-ite, I thought you said Anchor Hocking Fu##ing Jade-ite. Oy! Love this story, and I have the same feelings about Martha. A love/dislike relationship with amazing respect and a bit of envy. I envy you more. Your work is amazing. I wish I could do 1/100th of what you do. xox