Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The Hunt (AKA how to be a "picker")

It's always the first question everyone asks.

"So where do you find your things?"
My response has been reduced to one sentence.
"It's a lifestyle".

And it truly is.

Because the truth is... if you counted out the hours spent searching, inspecting, negotiating, purchasing, transporting,cleaning, inventorying ,listing,,storing, wrapping, selling, delivering.....
(i got exhausted just writing that)
Lets just say, it covers quite a bit of time in a week.

"The Hunt" is not for the faint hearted.
(and verrrry verrrry UN glamourous.)
BUT it is an exciting, fun, entertaining (trust me there are quite a few characters), boring, exhausting day.
Yes, there are definitely moments that feel like christmas, or even like you have won the lottery.
And that's really the best of it.
The worst of it requires endless hours waiting, driving and well, waiting.
(only to lose that which you covet to someone with bad hygiene)

If you don't like to get up early (read 4 or 5 am early)....this is not for you.
If you don't like to stay up late (read still out at 11 or 12 or even 1).....this is not for you.
If you like a constant regular schedule.......well this is definitely noooot for you.

So wait....I wanna stop myself here ........
*eh hemmmm

I was thinking I would write a blog about the ins and outs of picking.
(to finally answer some/all of you)
But every time I get to this point I think.....sheesh ive worked so very hard to know what I know.

So I can't really tell you what you are dying to hear.
I will however give you a coupla tips on how to be a successful picker.

Here goes:
1. Figure out what area of vintage you love.
2. Research, research, research and study hard.
3. Disinfectant wipes.

Thats it.
Yup. Yes. Really.
Because its actually quite simple....
 Once you know what you know....
You will know how to take it to the next level.
(and the wipes.... you will thank me when you are finally out "on the hunt".)

Good Luck!!!!


  1. Where is your shop?

    1. Hi There! sorry for the delay in response. I have two locations. One in Brooklyn and one in Asbury Park NJ. You can also find me online. Drop me an email if you need more details.

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