Thursday, August 6, 2015

Wow how time has passed.... (intro to "whats next")

Welllll..... Summer of 2015 is here.
Which means its been 2+ years since I closed SHV boutique.
I'd be a liar if I did not admit that my heart aches.
I miss so much about my little shop.

It was a very verrrrry rough winter.
The worst in a while.
But it's over now.
(huge, deeeep sigh)
and deeeep breath......

As you may or may not know I finally pulled the trigger on a decision that was in the making for quite some time.
Last September I downsized my entire life.
Into 500 square feet.
(no easy task)

A few reasons.
But mostly, to open myself up to the next chapters.
There were many days after closing SHV at 906 Main when I felt like a failure.
Ive been humbled by circumstance and the economy.
And while most might want to give up,  I'm not most.
And the real truth is I've been thru so much worse than this in my lifetime.

What's next has been the unanswered question looming around for a while.
I haven't been sure of where I want to be really.
I mean I do have a vision of what I want SHV to be going forward, Im just not so sure where it's all gonna happen.
So I wait.
"Cause if I haven't learned this lesson in my life i'd be a fool.
And the lesson is....
If I'm not sure of what to do, do nothing.

And then the craziest thing happened.......
Things started to fall into place.

There is more soooooooo much more.
and I'll share, I promise.
More often and in more detail.
But for now, that's it.

Have a super sparkly day.

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