Thursday, March 13, 2014

SHV Versatile, Flexible and Moving Forward

It seems like forever and a day since my last blog.
So much has changed.

SOOOO Lets talk...
I've been told by a few that my writing style has a certain flair, and I've been spending some time working on it.
And yet, it's been IDK.. a year since my last post. 

Quite simply, It's tough.
I'm only me, and buying, moving, refinishing, selling, managing and promoting is (e hem)

But I wouldn't have it any other way,.......really.

It's Officially a year since I closed my SHV retail shop.
The truth is, I miss my boutique terribly.
I think about my shop in the Pink House, well, all the time.
But as many of you locals know, and are witnessing, Main St is yet again experiencing a devastating loss of business.
Most of the "New Boonton" hopefuls that have dumped everything they have into building up Main St and The Arts District are losing ground quickly.
In less than a year Main Street has experienced a severe increase in vacancies.
It seems like every other storefront has a for rent sign in it.
This saddens me, and yet confirms, what I had the foresight to see.
So the decision to close SHV at 906 Main was the right one.
I'm only me, and buying, moving, refinishing, selling, managing and promoting is, well,

I (heart) Boonton.
 I know deep down in my (heart0 that change in Boonton will occur, that it has to, and that the government and building owners that run it (to the ground) ISSSS slowly changing.
But, I just I can't wait around.

And so I move forward.

Shifting my retail sales outlet from brick and mortar to online/specialized markets has been humbling, to say the least.
Ive learned to do things, physical things that most women my age don't (read can't)
And while I am looking forward to my new sleek, toned arms/shoulders this summer, they sure have come at a price.
Whew...its tough.

But the pride that I feel for toughing it out and finding a way to keep SHV afloat is HUGE.

So now as I honor my one year mark
("im still standin, better than I ever did.....")
Ill give you the down low on what's coming up.

On April 5th Brooklyn Flea opens in Ft. Greene.
 They are revamping and refreshing the layout to make customers have an easier time browsing The Flea.
They are also pumping up their new location in Park Slope.
(small, but Park Slope, is where many of my customers are from)
Sooooo its going to be a rockin Spring Summer and Fall an The Flea.
I will be at both locations at some point.
Ill update on Facebook weekly. But as it stands today, you can find me at B16 right in front at Ft Greene.

Im looking into selling on a certain website in addition to Etsy and
Fingers crossed his Majesty approves....
(more will be revealed)

ANDDD Eventually, I will be relocating my studio.
I need to be closer to NYC and Brooklyn and it's my goal to have a studio/showroom space.
The other exciting part of this is that I could very well include retail space for other vintage/handmade vendors.
Im in talks with some Flea vendors as well as some dealers in the Vintage/Antiques community.
Im looking for a good mix of vintage and quality handmade.
(THE Savannah Hope herself, may even be offering her vintage clothing picks from her shop
 Just Lillian.)
If you think this is something intriguing, and that you may be a good fit....well by all means drop me a message. We'll chat!
So again updates soon.

I am pretty darn excited by the all the new and fabulous things that are coming this Spring Summer.
And I am hoping that all of my loyal Boonton SHV customers who miss me/us will venture out of their "comfort zone" and check it all out at The Flea, in person, or even online!